Super I/O 12 - 12 Channel Multifunctional actuator for KNX

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The Super I / O 12offers, with 12 switching outputs and 12 potential-free input contacts, a full automation solution in a single device.
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KNX Super I/O 12
The new Royal Class of Hybrid Devices.

The Super I/O 12 realises a whole automation solution in just one device.
With its 12 High Power Relay Channels and its 12 potential-free Inputs you can manage many different jobs with just one Smart Device. By changing the software settings the abilities of this device are close to be unlimited. Choose to program each channel separately, in 6 Groups or all together. The functions - Scene; Block; Switch - can be realized by Central Objects to save Group Addresses. Inputs can switch Relaischannels directly to use the Device without any BUS connection.


  • Outputs

  • Outputs selectable as Stairway Lighting or Normal Channels
  • Switch-Off Alert programmable if in Stairway Light Mode
  • Programmable Initial Time
  • 8 free programmable Scenes
  • Link Option with 2 additional Objects
  • Programmable behavior for the events: Power Off / Power On, loosing Bus, Return of Bus
  • On- and Off Delays
  • Statusinformation
  • Inputs

  • Programmable Initial Time
  • Timing for „Short/Long“ Switch-Tip programmable
  • Block Object
  • Closer / Opener programmable
  • Switching Status with cyclical send
  • Send when Flank changes
  • 2-Button Dimming
  • 1-Button Dimming
  • 2-Button Curtain Control
  • 1-Button Curtain Control
  • Send by „Short/Long“ press
  • Scene Control
  • Value when flank changes or „Short/Long“ press: 1/2/4 Bit Values; Temperature; Percentage Value; Luminence Value; 16 Bit Value.
  • Counter with treshold (8Bit; 16Bit; 32Bit Counter)
Technical data
GTIN 4260220541028
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